Friday, July 8, 2011

July 8th: Libby Returns...

Memo to: Brad Lavigne

Re: Libby Returns!
Brad, thanks for organizing that welcome back party for Libby! She is exhausted, tired and just plain worn out from waiting in Greece for our great Canadian boat, the Tahrir, to set sail. I didn’t know it, but Libby’s been sea-sick for two weeks now and the ship’s bathrooms could hardly keep pace with all the sick passengers.

She says the docks of Athens are now swarming with gravol dealers, and that a small bottle is more expensive than crack cocaine. Anyways, to alleviate the sea sickness, the passengers had to all toke up (cause it’s cheaper), and Libby said the munchies were quickly eating up the food supplies, which is why she decided to pack it in and come home.

Libby is a true NDP hero and we are all so proud of her. They took a great picture of her at the helm when they made their attempt to leave Greek waters. They even gave her a captain’s hat! But, why wasn't she wearing one of my orange Layton Tees? But, no matter. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Front cover, baby, of our next newsletter! But, let’s make the story about NDP leadership and you can tie it in with our amazing diplomatic outreach.

I can’t tell you how pleased I am with Paul Dewar! He set up a meeting with Miriam Ziv, the Israeli Ambassador and it was terrific. It did get off to a rather shaky start. She thought we wanted to hear her views and so she just went on and on and Dewar almost fell asleep. She finally clued in that WE were the ones with the advice! Of course, our main concern was Libby – so Dewar warned Ziv that if even a hair was harmed on Libby, the NDP would go postal. We were so tough that she was speechless! I don’t blame her – lots of people are speechless after they tangle with us.

And, Brad, while you’re at it, can you call John Baird and tell him we want to meet with the Greek Ambassador? For some reason, he's not returning Dewar’s calls. All we need is an hour – less if we do all the talking. Maybe they’ve heard from Ziv what tough cookies we are!

Perhaps that also explains why the American Ambassador kept avoiding us at his garden party on July 4th. I wanted to tell him that I am ready to fly down to DC anytime to meet with Barack. Perhaps I can advise him on Afghanistan and Pakistan. Hell, we’ve shown we can make Parliament work, so who best to tell him how to make Congress work?

Brad, these are heady times for the NDP. First, the filibuster success, and now negotiating with Israel and Greece! Do you think I can be invited to address the UN in September?


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