Sunday, June 12, 2011

June 12th: The Canadian Boat to Gaza...

Memo to: Brad Lavigne

Re: Canadian Boat to Gaza...
Brad, I’ve been getting all sorts of phone calls and e-mails from people asking about our position on the Canadian Boat to Gaza. I am very, very concerned about this project, and I have some tough questions that I want answered immediately. As you know, the NDP takes the moral high ground whenever possible.

So, can you ask Libby to schedule an appointment with me to go over some of the following questions about the Boat?

First, is the Boat being built by Canadians? I’d like to know the level of Canadian content. Is union labour being used? Are all the materials used in production bought through fair-trade methods? Is there diversity amongst the workforce? Are womyn involved?? Will the boat serve vegan food? Will there be halal food? Will smoking be permitted on-board? Are there facilities on-board for disabled people? Are all signs on board the ship bilingual, as well as in Braille? Is there an Insite facility on-board the ship?

Will the staff on the ship provide a caring community environment? Will there be good natural light? What is the level of recycling on board the ship? What are the waste policies? Are fair living wages going to be paid to all workers? How many hours is the work week? Will workers receive overtime payments? Are there pension benefits? Maternity leave? Are there compost facilities on board?

Is there a training manual for all workers? Will there be an orientation session? What about safety training?

I also want assurances that no child labour will be used. Is there an harassment and abuse policy?

Have carbon offsets been purchased for the ship?

Brad, tell Libby to come with answers! Human rights are not just a slogan to the NDP – we live and breathe human rights every day. I want to ensure that the Canadian Boat to Gaza is completely ethical.



  1. What Jack really, I mean REALLY wants to know is if there is a massage parlor on board.

    Can't have Jacko and the rest of the High & Mighty Moral NDP pulling their own puds & hoo-hoo's.

  2. but it has to be built next to the late night gym so theirs the tried and true plausable denial...just like the private health care centre for hip case I need the other one done...